About the Mining Sector

Australia is a world-leading provider of education and training to the mining sector. Our education programs and courses are diverse, linked closely to industry and internationally regarded for the ability to equip students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in a global mining industry.

Mining generates around 7% of Australia’s GDP, provides 50% of our total goods and services exports and delivers 180,000 direct and 600,000 indirect employment positions. To support this key sector of the Australian economy it is important that education and training is delivered to world class standards.

Education Links with Industry

Industry links are fundamental to the success of Australia’s education and training system. Education providers utilise these links to ensure the programs on offer are applicable to the global needs of the mining industry.

Educators provide programs that offer practical, relevant industry skills in a wide range of disciplines including exploration, underground mining, trenchless technology, surface extraction, drilling, civil construction, plant operations, minerals processing, environmental and mine rehabilitation, bituminous surfacing, mine emergency response and rescue.

The Growing Need to Address Human Capital

Addressing human capital development is a growing concern in the global mining sector. Working together to develop frontier technologies and identify solutions to industry specific challenges is a priority. Australian education and training institutions are equipped to provide a broad range of solutions to meet the skills gap in the mining sector and to prepare graduates for the demands of an industry that requires increased productivity without compromising safety.

Research and Development

Australia is a pioneer in research and development for the mining industry and is a leader in innovative education and training. Australian Industry, education and training providers work together closely through a number of government supported programs to ensure developments are moved quickly from research to implementation.

Centres providing the next wave of process development include; The Cooperative Research Centre for Mining, Mining Education Australia, international Mining for Development Centre and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). A full listing of Mining Research Capability is provided here. (link to the research listing)

Government Support

The Australian Government provides support through a variety of avenues to the mining education and research programs. One avenue is through the prestigious scholarship program, the “Australian Awards”. The award aims to promote knowledge, education links and enduring ties between Australia and our neighbours.

The Australia Awards comprise two streams; an achievement stream that targets the best and brightest students, researchers and professionals to come to Australia, or provides for Australians to do the same offshore; and a development stream that builds capacity in developing countries. The Australia Awards will, over time, build a new generation of global leaders with strong links to Australia.

Industry Skills Councils

Australia has 11 Industry Skills Councils that act as pivotal change agents within the national training system. The mandate of Australia’s Industry Skills Councils is to bring together industry, educators and governments to unite them on a common industry-led agenda for action on skills and workforce development.

Specifically the Industry Skills Councils provide integrated industry intelligence and advice to government and enterprises on workforce development and skills needs. They actively support the development, implementation and continuous improvement of high quality training and workforce development products, services and training packages. They also provide independent skills and training advice to enterprises and match training needs with appropriate training solutions. Provided here are the profiles of the Australian Skills Councils that support mining sector training. (link to the Skills Councils listing)

Higher Education Providers

Research and education are central to the ongoing success of Australia’s resources industry. Many Australian Higher Education providers deliver innovative industry-specific training, targeted programs and research that contribute to Australia’s world class reputation. A listing of Higher education providers to the mining sector can be found here (link to the University listings)

Vocational Education Providers

Australian vocational education and training (VET) providers have a wealth of expertise
in delivering training specific to the mining and resources sector. Provided here are the institutional profiles of the VET providers to the mining sector. (link to the VET listings)



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