The Australasian Drilling Institute (ADI) is a specialist Registered Training Organisation (RTO) providing onsite training and assessment to the drilling industry.

ADI was established in 2005 to respond to the need within the industry to deliver and issue national drilling qualifications. ADI is the only provider in Australia established with the capacity to provide training on its mineral and inseam gas drill rigs.

This capability has been the signature difference that sets ADI apart from the rest. ADI’s ability to host theory and practical training in its training centres has delivered unparalleled efficiencies and cost savings to the industry and students.

Australian Consolidated Training

Australian Consolidated Training is a quality driven Registered Training Organisation with an extensive scope which includes Construction Mining and Resources Safety and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment. ACT is committed to ensuring that all participants completing our courses enjoy the experience and achieve competencies with integrity. ACT was founded by two Directors (Stephen Austin and Christine Vanohr) who are passionate about quality training based on the principle that the best way to learn workplace skills is on-the-job using the best Trainers and Assessors who are highly experienced and qualified.

Cairns Centre for Drilling and Well Control

Our trainer has the highest level of experience and qualifications in the oil and gas industry in Australia and is amongst the highest level of currency and expertise in the world. Cairns is located in tropical Far North Queensland with an international airport. As well as participants receiving the highest level of training in Australia, it is in a perfect location for both domestic and international candidates to attend training, bring their partner and family to experience our paradise.

Central Queensland Institute of TAFE

Central Queensland Institute of TAFE - Faculty of Energy and Mines is an industry-focused delivery unit within the TAFE Queensland network. Our objective is to deliver industry relevant, nationally recognised training and assessment services through flexible delivery options including on site, self-paced or campus based training to the Resource and Infrastructure Sectors from Certificate II through to Advanced Diploma.

Centre for Coal Seam Gas, The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland's Centre for Coal Seam Gas conducts and coordinates research on technical and social challenges associated with the development of coal seam gas resources in Australia. The centre also contributes towards educating the next generation of professionals to work in the coal seam gas sector.

The Centre's research capability spans four areas: Water, Social Performance, Geoscience and Petroleum Engineering. Achieving a suitable balance among these areas is a key challenge for the Australian coal seam gas industry and is the guiding principle behind CCSG's education and research strategy.

CHASM Consulting

Chasm Consulting is a mining software and consultancy company specialising in Ventsim Software and Safety Compliance software. Ventsim is a 3D mine ventilation design packaged used by over 500 companies governments agencies and universities around the world. Chasm Consulting develop the software and provide training and support in its use.

College of Australian Training

The College of Australian Training is a Nationally Recognised Training Organisation (RTO), delivering quality, flexible and timely qualifications and training to and for participants and Australian Industry.

Competency Training

Competency Training is a provider of holistic training and compliance that delivers high quality graduates to industry, and supports their career progression from start to finish.

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