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Dalton Training Services

Dalton Training Services is an Australian Registered Training Organisation (52072) providing nationally accredited qualifications in laboratory operations, process plant technology and power station operations to resources, mining, chemical and power generation industries. Qualifications on Scope range from Certificate II through to Diploma and Advanced Diploma.

Dalton Training Services has extensive experience in delivering learning to remote sites and has the flexibility to use a variety of tools and techniques to suit an enterprise’s circumstances. As with learning delivery, Dalton Training Services has a wide range of assessment tools to meet the needs of its clients.

  • Consultation with your enterprise to assess your needs
  • Learner Outcome Survey
  • Full training services
  • Greater flexibility and adaptability
  • “Value added” services
  • Career pathways in:​
    • Laboratory operations
    • Process plant technology
    • Power station operations
    • Resource processing
  • Clustering so that core units are embedded in all relevant clusters. Learners then understand how the core units impact all of their tasks. It also decreases disruption to the client’s work flow.
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Key Areas of Education/Training Expertise

  • Delivery of Australian Qualifications
  • Field and desk top internal audits.
  • Mapping client’s materials to qualifications
  • Development of Competency Frameworks, including:
    • Determine competency profiles for each position
    • Develop skills matrix
    • Complete Training Needs Analysis for each worker and identify gaps against skills matrix.
    • Map an enterprise’s existing training to Australian standards.
    • Development of assessment tools to suit a client’s existing training
  • Drafting and developing policies and procedures, work standards and guidelines
  • Training and mentoring of a client’s employees to become trainers and assessors
  • Non-accredited training
  • Auspicing arrangements where an enterprise delivers their own training that is monitored and audited by an RTO which then issues an Australian nationally recognised qualification.