Australian Centre for Sustainable Mining Practices (ACSMP) The University of New South Wales


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Level 1, Old Main Building,Kensington, NSW 2052


+61 2 9385 4597

Overview Statement

The Australian Centre for Sustainable Mining Practices (ACSMP) in the School of Mining Engineering at The University of New South Wales is recognised as: • a leading authority on sustainable mining practices • a provider and developer of innovative educational resources across both tertiary and professional development sectors • an active research organisation focused on development and application of practices and systems for sustainable mining initiatives. Additionally ACSMP provides global leadership in sustainable mining practices knowledge transfer through graduate research training (PhD and Masters). Gaining currency from research activities, strong industry links and UNSW’s international nature, ACSMP has extensive regional and global engagement.

Key Areas of Education/Training Expertise

Environmental management Mine management and productivity Minerals processing Mining engineering Mining safety Tailored personnel training

Additional information

ACSMP conducts research and training on all aspects of sustainability and mining including issues relating to community environment economy safety and efficiency. The facilities available at ACSMP are first class. This includes the Laboratory for Imaging the Mining Environment (LIME) which provides decision-level information derived from high resolution optical and radar sensors aboard satellites and aircraft as well as ground-based platforms. Also ACSMP uses its Advanced Visualisation and Interactive Environment (AVIE) cinema a leading 360-degree stereoscopic immersive interactive visualisation system to provide virtual reality of mine sites for research, training and community engagement. ACSMP is a strong vehicle for disseminating research findings and is an active participant in the Asia-Pacific Mining Education Network (APMEN). Further information about ACSMP can be found at