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Sandy Dunn - Director
Scott Yates – Principal Consultant
Jan Marinic – Principal Consultant
Jakob Verhoef – Principal Consultant


Assetivity provides world class training in Asset Management, Maintenance and Reliability to Australia and around the world. We maintain a suite of course material and also welcome enquiries regarding customising or expanding this to meet your unique training needs. In addition, we are a member of the United Kingdom's Institute of Asset Management (IAM) Endorsed Trainer Scheme, authorised to provide IAM-recognised certificates for a range of asset management courses. These courses provide the competencies required for successful implementation of world class Asset Management practices, as embodied in ISO 55000 (and previously in PAS 55).

Key Areas of Education/Training Expertise

We offer the following public courses on scheduled dates around Australia:

  • Introduction to Asset Management (1 Day)
  • Introduction to ISO 55000 (1 Day)
  • Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Excellence (2 Days)
  • Effective Shutdown Planning and Management (1 Day)
  • Introduction to Reliability Improvement (1 Day)
  • Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) and PM Optimisation (PMO) for Team Members (2 Days)
  • Defect Elimination (1 Day)
  • Spare Parts Optimisation (1 Day)
In addition, we can offer in-house delivery (with or without customisation) of any of the above, plus the following more specialised courses: 
  • IAM Course A2 – Introduction to Asset Management Policy (0.5 Days)
  • IAM Course B1 – The Asset Management System (1 Day)
  • IAM Course B2 – Defining Asset Management Policy and Strategy (1 Day)
  • IAM Course B2 – Defining Asset Management Policy and Strategy (1 Day)
  • IAM Course B3 – Effective Asset Management Strategies and Plans (1 Day)
  • IAM Course B4 – Building an Asset Management Organisation (1.5 Days)
  • IAM Course B5 – Implementing Asset Management Plans (1 Day)
  • IAM Course B6 – Assessing Asset Management Risk and Performance (1 Day)
  • Introduction to Maintenance Management (1 Day)
  • Root Cause Analysis for Team Members (2 Days)

Additional information

Our trainers are highly skilled communicators, but also have had personal practical experience in applying the concepts and principles, tools and techniques covered in the courses. Their personal experiences bring the courses to life and encourage participation and discussion.