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Company-based training & partnering with ADI's comprehensive online learning programs can be integrated with your in-house training processes.

The Competency based training model with ADI-endorsed in-house trainers and assessors, provides a range of benefits and cost savings unmatched anywhere in Australia:

  • Accessible – All you need is an internet connection and you’re ready to go. Coupled with written material, voice overs and videos, the DRILLed eLearning experience suits all learners.
  • Cost saving – The eLearning platform means you no longer have to send employees to training centers! No flights, accommodation and wages costs. All learning can be done in the employees' own time or drilling downtimes. Maximise your training budget!!
  • Independence – Because the online learning is independent of your in-house trainers, they can focus on mentoring, practical skills and assessments.
  • Flexible – eLearning enables you and your staff to switch the training on/off to suit business needs. All the online training is recorded in a database so even moving from site to site is easy.
  • No need to schedule training to suit rosters, production and site requirements.
  • Consistency – Now you can be confident that every employee is learning the required underpinning knowledge from the same source. The message is exactly the same every time an ... Read More

  • Key Areas of Education/Training Expertise

    • Competency based training & assessing 
    • Blended training delivery models 
    • Online / eLearning drilling training 
    • Endorsed trainer & assessor framework 
    • Workplace partnership arrangements 
    • Competency based workforce development framework 
    • Cloud based training management systems 
    • Training system audit and implementation

    Type of Education

    • Certificate II
    • Certificate III
    • Certificate IV
    • Diploma
    • Advanced Diploma, Associate Degree

    Additional information

    The Australasian Drilling Institute is experienced in implementing competency based drill training programs across different environments and countries. These include Zambia, Tanzania, Pakistan, Egypt and PNG. High compliance requirements in Australia and international experience working with small to large organisations has resulted in the development of ADI's integrated competency based training framework. The blended model incorporates online eLearning and company based trainer & assessors mentored by ADI's team of training professionals. The system is gaining positive support within the industry for high efficiencies, flexibility, accessibility and compliance resulting in cost savings to the end user. The system is currently being considered for roll out for a major mining company's operations in North America to ensure consistency of CBT programs across their sites.