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Education & Training Providers in the Resources Sector

This site provides global organisations with information on Australia´s world-class education and training courses in the field of resources and energy. The information is relevant to all businesses in the sector and across the entire supply chain.

Australia is one of the world´s leading resources and energy exporters. Over the past few years, the Australian resources and energy sector has grown by more than 10 per cent per annum, and the value of mining and energy exports is expected to exceed A$200 billion in 2014-15. With a project pipeline worth over A$500 billion, the sector will continue to play a vital role in Australia´s economic performance for many decades to come.

Australia´s industry-led vocational education and training is regarded as a best-practice model in meeting the sector´s needs, providing quality training and equipping people with desirable job skills.

Industry links are fundamental to the success of Australia´s education and training system. The Australian mining, oil and gas sector works closely with higher education bodies, vocational training institutes, industry trainers and registered training organisations to develop course content that is highly relevant and practical.

This creates a workforce with skills and knowledge that are in demand domestically and internationally, and which can be applied across the mining spectrum, from exploration to extraction and processing. Workers can undertake undergraduate and associate degrees, or attend tailored vocational courses provided directly to resource companies.

Australia´s education and training providers are well equipped to provide a broad range of training programs to improve the skills and capabilities of workforces in the resources and energy sector.

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Austrade regularly publishes Resources Industry Capability Reports. These reports can be accessed via this link to the Austrade website.


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